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Board Appointed Contacts


Cypress Health Region Hospital Trust Committee Graham Markert, Lorne Kusler
Eastend Trust Advisory Committee John Wagner
SW Municipal Gov’t Committee Graham Markert
Swift Current Watershed Committee Clay Moorhead
SW Transportation Planning  Council Doug Casey & John Wagner
SW Regional Planning Group Doug Casey
Head of LAFOIP Jenny Robinson
Administrator for the Stray Animals Act Jenny Robinson
Returning Officer Jenny Robinson
Poll Location RM Of Piapot N0. 110 Office
Deputy Reeve Harvey Baker
Signing Authority John Wagner, Harvey Baker, Jenny Robinson
Development Officer Jenny Robinson
Fire Chief Harvey Baker
Fire Rangers Council as a whole
Oil & Gas Committee Council as a whole
Road Committee  ( for road bans) Council as a whole
Sustainable Canada Conservation Committee Clay Moorhead
District Board of Revision Alfred Wakelam
Planning & Development Appeals Committee – Gull Lake Terry Winter, Jason Craig, Robert Hansen & Elizabeth Kramer
                                                                                  – Piapot John Wagner, Doug Casey, Travis Harlick
                                                                                  – Secretary Nancy Frey


APAS Devin Harlick
Chinook Regional Library Janice Markert
Auditor Stark & Marsh
Engineer AMEC
Solicitor Mike Morris
Weed Inspector Farron Hoffman
Pest Control Officer Farron Hoffman
Pound Heartland Livestock Services
Pound Keeper Jenny Robinson
Safety Supervisor Marc Beaupre
Safety Rep – Management Jenny Robinson
Safety Rep – Employees Billy Noble